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Secrétariat à l'accès à l'information et à la réforme des institutions démocratiques

Launch of the Public Engagement Framework

Contribute to the preparation of the public engagement framework

Montréal, October 31, 2016 – Rita de Santis, Minister responsible for Access to Information and the Reform of Democratic Institutions, announced today that the draft Public Engagement Framework will be the subject of extensive public consultations before its unveiling next spring. The framework aims to improve how public engagement is used by the government to inform public policy, by proposing seven guiding principles to structure the process. The framework will also be submitted to groups interested in matters of democracy and citizen engagement, for review.

The seven guiding principles are as follows:

  1. Competent authorities commit to seriously considering the outcome of public engagement initiatives.
  2. Participants abide by the rules which serve to maintain a respectful and fair public engagement process.
  3. The choice of public engagement mechanisms is diverse and relevant.
  4. Essential information is provided to participants before the process begins.
  5. Participants are informed of public engagement initiatives sufficiently ahead of time, using the media most likely to reach them.
  6. Competent authorities provide feedback to participants.
  7. All parties involved evaluate the public engagement process.

“The open government concept represents a new way of establishing a lasting and honest partnership with citizens, and relies on transparency, collaboration and public engagement. The framework will allow for more efficient consultation of the public by the ministers, and thereby improve public participation in developing public policy better tailored to our society’s needs and priorities,” explained Minister de Santis.

Starting November 7, the Public Engagement Framework will be available for consultation, analysis and comment, under the “Administration publique efficiente et transparente” theme on the Objectif numérique platform released in September by Dominique Anglade, Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation, in view of the co-creation of Québec’s digital strategy. The Objectif numérique platform can be found at

“Since we launched the platform, over 3,000 visits have been recorded, which is very encouraging and clearly demonstrates the public’s interest in collaborative policymaking. I commend my colleague for both her collaboration and this initiative, which, much like my platform, promotes citizen engagement with its guidelines enabling those of us within government to do more and better in consulting the public,” added Minister Anglade.

The framework will also be available (in French and English) for consultation and comment on the website of the Secrétariat à l’accès à l’information et à la réforme des institutions démocratiques, at More detailed reports or comments may be sent to: The revised Public Engagement Framework will be unveiled in the spring of 2017.

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Last update: November 1, 2016
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